Life’s Little Instruction Book

A collection of my faves from this booklet (Volume III) by H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

Regardless of the situation, remember that nothing is ever lost by courtesy.

You should never allow anyone to intimidate you.

It’s better to be cheated in price than in quality.

You should never hesitate to do what you know is right.

Success is based on your service to others, not at the expense of others.

We should remember the credo of Walt Disney: THINK. BELIEVE. DREAM. DARE.

Never criticize your country when traveling abroad.

Never ignore an old barking dog.

Look for the opportunity that’s hidden in every adversary.

Ask permission before taking someone’s photograph.

Never underestimate someone with disability.

Seek respect rather popularity.

Seek refinement rather than fashion.

Never forget that it only takes one person or one idea to change your life forever.

Don’t be critical of your partner’s friends.

Respect your elders.

On your birthday, send your mom a thank you card.

Hold yourself the same high standards that you require of others.

Offer hope.

Remember that a lasting marriage is built on commitment, not convenience.

Never tell a salesman how much you want to spend.

Don’t forget that a couple of words of praise or encouragement can make someone’s day.

Remember that cruel words deeply hurt.

Plant a tree the day your child is born.

If it’s not a beautiful morning, let your cheerfulness make it one.

Never give up on a dream just because of the length of time it will take to accomplish it. The time will pass anyway.

Don’t write down anything you don’t want someone else to read.

Remember that life’s most treasured moments often come unannounced.

Ask an older person you respect to tell you his/her greatest regret.

Remember that anything worth doing is going to take longer than you think.

Criticize the behavior, not the person.

Never leave fun to find fun.

Rebuild a broken relationship.

After someone apologizes to you, don’t lecture them.

Be willing to accept a temporary inconvenience for a permanent improvement.

Never make fun of people who speak broken language. It means they know another language.

Never underestimate the influence of the people you have allowed into your life.


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