Life Lesson: On Celebrating Life

from Chicken Soup for the Unsinkable Soul

By: Karen Klosterman

When I look into the mirror, I see a survivor.
I don’t think of anything but living.
Well, that’s not true because the farther I get from cancer, the more hopes and dreams I let creep in.

When I looked into the mirror during my illness, I wasn’t that bald person staring down at me.
I didn’t recognize myself.
My body had let me down, but I didn’t want my soul to escape.

People responded to the way I looked.
I hated the pity I saw in their eyes as much as the fear.
The body is back to its original state, but the soul has taken on the wonderful layers of a survivor.

Now I celebrate

Bad-hair days

Bushy eyebrows

Stubbled legs with razor burn

I celebrate
Blended flavors of peanut butter and chocolate

Sweet lemonade through a straw

Greasy hamburgers with bacon

I celebrate
Whining children

Shouting and arguing

Pulsating music and barking dogs

I celebrate
Making plants

The hoping that goes with having a future

I celebrate life.

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