Life Lesson: On Goals and Targets

from Francis J. Kong’s book – The Early Bird catches the worm but the second mouse gets the cheese.

In a major university, a professor of Economics gave a test to his class. The test had three several sections of questions, each of which contained three categories. He instructed the students to choose one question from each section. The first category in each section was the hardest and was worth 50 points. The second category was not quite as hard and worth 40 points. The third category, the easiest was worth only 30 points.

When the students had taken the test and turned in the papers, the students who had chosen the hardest questions were given A’s, the ones who chose the 40-point questions were given B’s and those who chose the 30-point questions or the easiest questions, were given C’s. Whether or not their answers were correct was not considered. Understandably, the students were confused and asked the professor how he graded the exam. The professor leaned back and with a smile he explained, “I wasn’t testing your knowledge. I was testing your aim.”


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