How Do We Choose Our Puppy’s Name?

A story from the book Thinking Trees and Laughing Cats (A Thinking Curriculum for Pre-School Education), a book published by the Institute for the Advancement of Philosophy for Children (IAPC). These stories are meant to be introduction stories for a philosophical discussion with children (and adults, too!). I spent two weeks in New Jersey, USA just inhaling and exhaling the philosophies of Philosophy for Children (how redundant). This is one of the books I really liked. Enjoy 🙂

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 “Ron, Sara, I’m home,” Mr. Smith yelled.  There was a small puppy sleeping in Mr. Smith’s arms.

“Wow, so cute!” Ron and Sara shouted at the same time, “Daddy, what’s the puppy’s name?”

There was a family meeting to decide the puppy’s name.

 “Cream!” Sara said. “The puppy is white and soft.”

“I don’t think Cream is a good name.  Cream is a type of food.  It doesn’t suit a puppy.”  Ron answered.

Sara wondered, “Why not?”

“How about Spot Smith?” Sara tried again. “Ron Smith, Sara Smith and Spot Smith.  Our sister!”

“This puppy isn’t part of our family, it’s just our pet.  I don’t think our puppy can be our sister.”  Ron answered.

Sara wondered again, “Why not?”

Click this to view the whole book (with exercises)


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