I Want To Say MY OWN Word

A story from the book Thinking Trees and Laughing Cats (A Thinking Curriculum for Pre-School Education), a book published by the Institute for the Advancement of Philosophy for Children (IAPC). These stories are meant to be introduction stories for a philosophical discussion with children (and adults, too!). I spent two weeks in New Jersey, USA just inhaling and exhaling the philosophies of Philosophy for Children (how redundant). This is one of the books I really liked. Enjoy 🙂

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The teacher led her kindergartners to a field.  It was a quiet morning in early autumn. A flock of migrating birds were flying far away in the sky.  The birds were calling softly; that’s why it was a sad day in the field.

 The teacher told her children, “Let’s compose a story about autumn, the sky and the migrating birds we have seen today. Each of you describe the sky. Pay attention now, and think.”

The children became silent.  They looked at the sky and thought.  After a minute the first compositions came:

The sky is blue…

The sky is light blue…

The sky is clear…

The sky is pale blue…

And that was all.  Children were repeating the same words again and again: blue, light blue, clear, pale blue.  A little girl with blue eyes was silently standing aside.  “Why are you silent, Jennifer?” asked the teacher.

“I want to say my own word.”

“Well, what would you say about the sky?”

“The sky is tender,” Jennifer said and smiled softly.  The children became silent.  In this moment they could notice something they had not seen before.

The sky is sad…

The sky is disturbing…

The sky is sorrowful…

The sky is ice cold…

 The sky was playing, trembling, breathing, smiling, just like a live being, and the children were looking into the sad blue eyes of the autumn sky.

Click this to view the whole book (with exercises)


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