Travels in the Classroom

A story from the book Thinking Trees and Laughing Cats (A Thinking Curriculum for Pre-School Education), a book published by the Institute for the Advancement of Philosophy for Children (IAPC). These stories are meant to be introduction stories for a philosophical discussion with children (and adults, too!). I spent two weeks in New Jersey, USA just inhaling and exhaling the philosophies of Philosophy for Children (how redundant). This is one of the books I really liked. Enjoy 🙂

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Seth said, “Elfie, which is further – from your chair to the door, or from the door to your chair?”

 “It’s further from the door to my chair,” said Elfie.

 Sophia said, “Are you sure, Elfie?  It seems to me that from my chair to the door and from the door to my chair are the same distance.”

 Seth said, “Do you hear that, Elfie?  Sophia said they’re the same distance!”

 Elfie said, “Sophia wasn’t talking about from my chair to the door and back!  She was talking about from her chair to the door and back!”

 Seth said, “Elfie, it’s the same thing!”

 Elfie said, “It’s not the same thing! When Sophia comes back in, she goes straight to her chair.  But when I come back in, I have to walk around the room and talk on the way to everyone I meet.  So for me, coming back to my chair is a lot longer.”

 Seth said, “I should know better than to argue with you, Elfie.”

Click this to view the whole book (with exercises)


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