I Think Therefore I Am…Modern Version

A story from the book Thinking Trees and Laughing Cats (A Thinking Curriculum for Pre-School Education), a book published by the Institute for the Advancement of Philosophy for Children (IAPC). These stories are meant to be introduction stories for a philosophical discussion with children (and adults, too!). I spent two weeks in New Jersey, USA just inhaling and exhaling the philosophies of Philosophy for Children (how redundant). This is one of the books I really liked. Enjoy 🙂

image from http://www.redmotolov.com


 David said, “I’m scared of monsters.”

Ann said: “Some people like monsters: they aren’t afraid of them.”

“I’m scared of big, ugly monsters.  They make my teeth chatter,” said David.

Emma said, “It’s okay to be scared but I’m not scared of monsters, they’re my favorites.”

Victor said,  “I can be scared, just like an animal.”

“Animals are alive, that’s why they can be scared,” remarked Emma.

“So stones can’t be scared, because stones aren’t alive?” asked David.

Victor said, “Yeah, like statues.  Statues are never scared!”

Ann replied, “I get it! Things that don’t exist can’t be scared.”

David said, “I can be scared, so I must exist.”

Click this to view the whole book (with exercises)


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