What’s So Strange About Being Strange?

Some stories from the book Thinking Trees and Laughing Cats (A Thinking Curriculum for Pre-School Education), a book published by the Institute for the Advancement of Philosophy for Children (IAPC). These stories are meant to be introduction stories for a philosophical discussion with children (and adults, too!). I spent two weeks in New Jersey, USA just inhaling and exhaling the philosophies of Philosophy for Children (how redundant). This is one of the books I really liked. Enjoy 🙂

photo from http://www.sodahead.com


Millie and Susie were playing dress-up together all morning.  Then they started fighting over who would wear the orange hat.

“Time for a nap before lunch I think,” called out Millie’s mom from the kitchen.

“No,” said Susie to Millie, “I have lunch, then I have a sleep.”

“But I sleep and have lunch after,” replied Millie.

“That’s a funny way to do things,” said Susie, “ It’s like putting your shirt and pants on before putting your undershirt and underpants on.”

“What’s wrong with that?” questioned Millie.


One day, Sara put a red sandal on her right foot and a pink sneaker on her left foot.

Sara said to Robin, “I think I look beautiful.  A red sandal really matches a pink sneaker.”

Robin said, “To wear a red sandal with a pink sneaker is not beautiful.  It’s just strange.”

“Why is it strange?” Sara asked.

“Everyone puts the same shoe on the right and left feet.  So, to put a different shoe on each foot is strange.  And a strange thing cannot be beautiful.”  Robin said.

“Then why do you wear a shirt with yellow on the right sleeve and green on the left sleeve?” Sara asked.

 Click this to view the whole book (with exercises)


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