World-changing Websites

Looking for websites that help you make a difference? Thankfully, with today’s technology, you can help and donate in many ways. There are sites where you can donate money for different people with different needs. There are sites where you can devote your time and do volunteer work. There are sites that allow you to share your knowledge and expertise to help the less fortunate. And there are sites that allow you to donate something and give back simply by shopping, joining a game, sharing a website or talking to people for less than an hour!

Here are some of the sites I looove.

Since we’re always online, I think it won’t hurt us to devote a few hours of our time to do good and pay it forward. 🙂

All you need to do is click and ta-dah, you, my friend, have made a difference!

Care2: Make A Difference
Free clicks generate donations to your selected causes. You can also sign petitions or do “daily actions” through this site.

The Hunger Site
Give food to those in need just by clicking!

If you love online games and spend a lot of time playing online, why not try playing games that help change the world?

26 Learning Games To Change The World
A link to a compilation of games that will help you move and make a difference!

Charitii (
Play their puzzle and donate to your chosen charity. No registration required.

Free Rice (
For each correct answer you get, 10 grains of rice is donated through the UNITED NATION’S WORLD FOOD PROGRAMME to help end hunger. No registration needed.

Games For Change (
There are many different games designed to educate players about world issues and inspire more awareness and involvement. Registration is required.

Play WeTopia, the game from Sojo Studios ( where you Play for Good! Earn Joy and choose real world projects to help fund while having fun with your friends.

Food Force – It’s Farmville for do-gooders!

We all love to shop, but it feels much better to shop when you at least give something back. Check out these sites and make a difference just by doing what you love doing most!

Buy4 (USA)
Buy from their site and choose a cause to give your donation to. You can track your donations and even promote your cause! Shop With Purpose (USA)
A percentage of your purchase helps your selected cause.

Chicify Helps MioFightsCancer (Philippines)
For every PHP 2,000 worth of ANY products in the site, Chicify donates to MioFightsCancer by giving the consumer a notebook drawn by Mio.

We all depend on google, but why not try other search tools and in the process, donate to causes you support?

They give to your chosen cause whenever you use and search the web.


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