Happy Thoughts of @filipinadiver via Twitter

Day 1, Happy Thought: learning that people around you listen to “cheesy, mushy” music, too

Day 2, Happy Thought: setting your alarm 30 minutes earlier so you can extend your sleep for another 30 minutes when the alarm rings

Day 3, Happy Thought: going to a store because you need to buy something and finding out they’re on sale when you get there

Day 4, Happy Thought: fitting in the jeans you hid in your closet because the zipper wouldn’t close the last time you tried them on

Day 5, Happy Thought: finding the last coin in your wallet so you can pay the cashier without having to break your big bills

Day 6, Happy Thought: rushing to get internet to buy an airline promo and finding a slot for the promo dated on a weekend

Day 7, Happy Thought: getting a call/ message from someone to tell you you were missed

Day 8, Happy Thought: coming home late from work and seeing a bunch of leftovers for you to munch on

Day 9, Happy Thought: getting the last seat on the bus/ jeep/ train

Day 10, Happy Thought: cleaning your wallet/ jeans and finding coins / folded bills you forgot you had

Day 11, Happy Thought: watching a DVD you find lying around because you’re bored and actually ending up enjoying the movie

Day 12, Happy Thought: learning someone you admire has a twitter account and following that person

Day 13, Happy Thought: lying on a hammock while reading a book with a background of the beach , sound of the waves and people having fun

Day 14, Happy Thought: getting compliments from strangers

Day 15, Happy Thought: taxi drivers who give you the exact change

Day 16, Happy Thought: old couples holding hands

Day 17, Happy Thought: stress-relieving body or foot massage after a loooong day

Day 18, Happy Thought: reading text messages from someone special and can’t stop smiling because of the messages

Day 19, Happy Thought: lining up minutes before the closing time and making it through the cut

Day 20, Happy Thought: hugs and kisses from children and licks and recognition from your dear pets

Day 21, Happy Thought: succeeding in helping others succeed

Day 22, Happy Thought: realizing that the food your ordered is actually bigger that how it looks like in the picture from the menu

Day 23, Happy Thought: fitting everything I want to say on Twitter in 140 characters

Day 24, Happy Thought: watching Disney movies with children and enjoying it as much as they do

Day 25-29, Happy Thought: (couldn’t retrieve)

Day 30, Happy Thought: reading a book that you just can’t put down

Day 31-39, Happy Thought: (couldn’t retrieve)

Day 40, Happy Thought: turning down an incredible offer because of your principles. It proves to you what you really value..:)

Day 42-44, Happy Thought: (couldn’t retrieve)

Day 45, Happy Thought: coming up with an idea that makes you so excited you can’t stop thinking about it

Day 46, Happy Thought: dreaming of your next travel destination

Day 47, Happy Thought: (couldn’t retrieve)

Day 48, Happy Thought: vacation with your friends

Day 49, Happy Thought: (couldn’t retrieve)

Day 50, Happy Thought: talking to someone and getting his/ her full attention. No cellphone, no laptop, no iPad, no TV, no distraction

Day 51, Happy Thought: a home-cooked meal made by your mom with love

Day 52, Happy Thought: eating healthy food and liking it

Day 53, Happy Thought: reading old love letters or letters from kids

Day 54-56, Happy Thought: (couldn’t retrieve)

Day 57, Happy Thought: thinking of someone and suddenly bumping into that person or getting a call from him/ her

Day 58, Happy Thought: letting go of people who only cause you two things: frustration and negativity

Day 59, Happy Thought: people who listen to both sides of the story before making their judgments

Day 60, Happy Thought: doing an act of kindness, not telling anyone about it, and still be as satisfied

Day 61, Happy Thought: doing something everyone (including yourself) thought you couldn’t do

Day 62, Happy Thought: meeting people who share the same passion as yours

Day 63, Happy Thought: (couldn’t retrieve)

Day 64, Happy Thought: making an itinerary of your next trip

Day 65, Happy Thought:  (couldn’t retrieve)

Day 66, Happy Thought: thinking of the weekend

Day 67, Happy Thought: (couldn’t retrieve)

Day 68, Happy Thought: taking the earliest flight for departure to your travel destination and taking the last flight going back

Day 69, Happy Thought: surviving EARTH HOUR!

Day 70, Happy Thought: reading a good inflight magazine (and complimentary, too!)

Day 71, Happy Thought: getting your nails done at the comfort of your own home and still be happy with the quality of their mani-pedi

Day 72, Happy Thought: staging a successful surprise party

Day 73, Happy Thought: short (and fast-moving) lines in airports, bill centers, banks, etc. better yet, no lines at all!

Day 74, Happy Thought: waking up to the call of the roosters

Day 75, Happy Thought: seeing a very clear Mt. Mayon when you come visit her

Day 76, Happy Thought: getting 2 days rest after a 5-day hectic work week

Day 77, Happy Thought: having a companion while you’re driving. Yey to conversations on the road

Day 78, Happy Thought: jamming with @tulogboy (he plays the guitar, I sing)

Day 79, Happy Thought: getting a really creative surprise letter from someone special

Day 80, Happy Thought: eating good food and not having to mind the bill once in a while

Day 81, Happy Thought: watching lots of people doing their morning exercise

Day 82, Happy Thought: spending the weekend out-of-town with family

Day 83, Happy Thought: visiting old houses and learning more about a country’s past and its culture through them

Day 84, Happy Thought: not having to wake up in the middle of the night just to pee

Day 85, Happy Thought: having a really good sleep

Day 86, Happy Thought: making it a minute or two before your grace period ends in the parking lot. Yey to free parking!

Day 87, Happy Thought: joining fun cardio classes. Workout becomes easier when classes are fun!

Day 88, Happy Thought: finishing an article right before the deadline

Day 89, Happy Thought: being able to book your accommodation for Holy Week on last minute notice!

Day 90, Happy Thought: talking to customers who love and support local products

Day 91, Happy Thought: getting so inspired from others’ life stories

Day 92, Happy Thought: scoring a really cheap plane fare for Holy Week

Day 93, Happy Thought: paradise all to yourself

Day 94, Happy Thought: waking up and woohoo, it’s still your vacation!

Day 95, Happy Thought: packing light and not missing nor forgetting anything

Day 96, Happy Thought: the sound of crickets at night. so soothing

Day 97, Happy Thought: giving back your blessings to those in need. as they say, pay it forward

Day 98, Happy Thought: viewing old and new photos of your family, trips, reunions and other photos that give you ‘memories’

Day 99, Happy Thought: listening to your summer playlist and instantly being transported to the beach

Day 100, Happy Thought: buying books and actually buying them

Day 101, Happy Thought: drinking fresh and yummy fruit shakes in this heat!

Day 102, Happy Thought: people who fall in line properly

Day 103, Happy Thought: long domestic flights when you lack sleep. Atleast the flying time actually gives you time to sleep 🙂

Day 104, Happy Thought: spotting birds other than the very common maya (Eurasian Tree Sparrow)

Day 105, Happy Thought: making it right before the airline check-in counter closes

Day 106, Happy Thought: how shower on cool and cold weather, and cold shower on hot weather

Day 107, Happy Thought: smoke-free establishments! and smokers who are considerate infront of non-smokers

Day 108, Happy Thought: not having to drink or take drugs just to have a happy fix. True happiness is found when you don’t need “help”.

Day 109, Happy Thought: falling to the ground from a high place then realizing you were just dreaming

Day 110, Happy Thought: getting support from @tulogboy to backpack alone somewhere in Asia

Day 111, Happy Thought: watching a movie and NOT falling asleep

Day 112, Happy Thought: waking up to a really cold weather…on a summer…in Manila!

Day 113, Happy Thought: bonding with your workmates

Day 114, Happy Thought: people starting their very own HAPPY THOUGHT here on Twitter! Yey (@JudeBacalso @pattykeem @Lia_Manalac @Jamoiness @iamliezl17)

Day 115, Happy Thought: an ample supply of tissue paper and toilet bowls that actually flush in public restrooms

Day 116, Happy Thought: The day you find out you got accepted in the school/ job you applied for.

Day 117, Happy Thought: weekends spent on the beach

Day 118, Happy Thought: camping under the stars on a quiet beach and feeling like you have all the time in the world

Day 119, Happy Thought: trying out a new sport

Day 120, Happy Thought: waking up from a really happy, positive, colorful dream

Day 121, Happy Thought: having time to squeeze in a workout on a busy day

Day 122, Happy Thought: lying down on the sand while gazing at the endless sky above you

Day 123, Happy Thought: exploring the islands of your own country

Day 124, Happy Thought: making it indoors before the rain starts pouring in

Day 125, Happy Thought: winning a debate because your arguments are rational, and you answer the questions rather than do personal attacks

Day 126, Happy Thought: being respected for your thoughts and opinions, no matter how different they are

Day 127, Happy Thought: people who take effort to acknowledge the writer of a quote or the photographer of a picture

Day 128, Happy Thought: gorgeous nail polish on your nails

Day 129, Happy Thought: saving up for your dream destinations

Day 130, Happy Thought: your roadtrip cut from 8 hours to 5 hours because the roads are so much nicer now

Day 131, Happy Thought: people who care about the welfare of humans and non-humans

Day 132, Happy Thought: no-smoking policy in public places

Day 133, Happy Thought: playing boardgames

Day 134, Happy Thought: well-thought of pasalubong

Day 135, Happy Thought: going on a date with someone you really love/ like

Day 136, Happy Thought: waking up late on a weekend because there’s nothing immediate that needs to be done

Day 137, Happy Thought: buying nice accessories for your gadgets (skins, casing, strap, etc). Makes you want to use your gadgets more

Day 138, Happy Thought: making your D-I-Y project a success!

Day 139, Happy Thought: bed weather…in bed :p

Day 140, Happy Thought: a really comfortable bed you can plop on at the end of a hectic workday

Day 141, Happy Thought: breakfast with family

Day 142, Happy Thought: a pet that wakes up when you get home to say hello to you

Day 143, Happy Thought: waking up at 3:30 am to watch the total lunar eclipse

Day 144, Happy Thought: a spontaneous trip to a rarely explored town

Day 145, Happy Thought: finally reaching your destination after getting lost a couple of times

Day 146, Happy Thought: clear day and sunny skies where it’s supposed to be rainy and gloomy

Day 147, Happy Thought: singing to your iPod’s songs while driving home

Day 148, Happy Thought: waking up really early so have the luxury to sleep again before really getting up

Day 149, Happy Thought: making it to your house/ car right before the rain starts a heavy, torrential downpour

Day 150, Happy Thought: fixing and/ or redecorating your room

Day 151, Happy Thought: “cooperating” weather during your travels

Day 152, Happy Thought: being able to inspire/ encourage others to travel and see the country

Day 153, Happy Thought: waking up to a gazillion greetings on twitter, fb, text and bbm! my bucket’s filled. thanks for the greetings!

Day 154, Happy Thought: meeting new people during your travels

Day 155, Happy Thought: being able to read a doctor’s handwriting correctly

Day 156, Happy Thought: going home early from work

Day 157, Happy Thought: the emergence of so many social applications, softwares and sites that help ease long-distance relationships

Day 158, Happy Thought: scoring free tickets to a concert/ play/ movie you want to watch

Day 159, Happy Thought: slipping under a comforter when the weather gets chilly/ tonton massage at the end of a busy day

Day 160, Happy Thought: the smell of coffee and bread on a cool, breezy morning

Day 161, Happy Thought: finding coins scattered in your bag and its pockets just when you needed a penny or two

Day 162, Happy Thought: finding the exact item you held back in buying (because of the price) on sale

Day 163, Happy Thought: a leaving car parked near the entrance just when you arrive. yey to a great parking slot!

Day 164, Happy Thought: finally recalling the word that’s been at the “tip of your tongue”

Day 165, Happy Thought: finding that piece of clothing you love and thought you lost hidden somewhere in your messy cabinet

Day 166, Happy Thought: sharing stories with your workmates to “kill time” in the office

Day 167, Happy Thought: that fresh feeling after brushing your teeth

Day 168, Happy Thought: that moment when you flip on the first page of the book you just bought

Day 169, Happy Thought: early dismissal from work/ school

Day 170, Happy Thought: reading http://www.mydoseofinspiration.com. Though I’ve collected those (articles/ quotes/ etc) a long time ago, it feels good re-reading them

Day 171, Happy Thought: a hangover-free day after a fun, steady nightout

Day 172, Happy Thought: the smell of crayons or new notebooks/ books

Day 173, Happy Thought: the soothing sound of rain. it really makes a great music background (without the sound of scary thunder, of course!)

Day 144, Happy Thought: a productive day at work

Day 175, Happy Thought: listening to ‘oldies’ music. I don’t know about you, but it relaxes me.

Day 176, Happy Thought: waking up early without the ‘annoying’ help of an alarm clock

Day 177, Happy Thought: realizing the bad events that just happened were just parts of your dream. whew!

Day 178, Happy Thought: non-vegetarian people liking my vegetarian food

Day 179, Happy Thought: the luxury of afternoon naps

Day 180, Happy Thought: finishing everything in your long, to-do list before the day ends

Day 181, Happy Thought: Chilly weather on a Sunday morning

Day 182, Happy Thought: people who are genuinely happy for the good things that come your way!

Day 183, Happy Thought: not having to turn on your alarm clock for tomorrow

Day 184, Happy Thought: a bright, sunny day right after a scary storm 🙂

Day 185, friends who remember you just because, and not cause they need something from you 🙂

Day 186, friends who remember you when they see something they think you’d like & buy it for you. 🙂

Day 187: Finding one more piece of your fave flavor in a mix of candies/gum when you thought there was none left:)

Day 188: Not knowing the day of the week because you’re on vacaction. 🙂